28 October 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Michael has turned into a big boy overnight! He has totally embraced potty training. He had only 2 accidents on Monday and none on Tuesday. That includes through a nap and overnight! I am so excited I can barely stand it!


Nancy said...


I think this deserves a celebration! Would you guys like to come over for dinner????
Oh, never mind, I forgot that WE LIVE SO FAR APART :0(

All kidding aside...that's great news! Hurray for Michael!!

Gramma 2 Many said...

After dinner with Nancy, you can come to my house for dessert!
Once they get the concept, it just clicks for them and it is all done. Yeah Michael!!!!!

Jamie said...

Yahoo!!! See? We moms can do anything!!!

Herd Momma said...

Go Michael! Go Michael! You Rock!! BIG BOY!
Yeah Therese! I'm so glad. I knew he'd do it! I think Andy having to deal with it is great. It's nice when they get to walk a bit in our shoes.
And William standing here looking at the pictures says "Hey! I have a Mario Shirt just like that boy."
Hugs. xoxo Amy

Sydney said...

YAY MICHAEL! That's wonderful! It's amazing how one day it all just clicks! I'm sure you'll still have some bumps here and there... but he must be so proud to be a BIG BOY like his brothers!

(and yay for your budget, too!)

Meghan said...

Yay for Michael!!!!

Kim H. said...



bringing up boys said...

I guess since you will be at Evy's for dessert, I can bring a bottle of wine, or a pot of coffee (my fix). Oh, potty training....YAY!