16 October 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Here we go again! You can read more Quick Takes over at Jennifer's.

1. Sweet Alexandra turned 5 weeks yesterday! She is being baptized on Sunday. Please keep her in your prayers. Here are some new pictures!

2. I am feeling really overwhelmed today! There is so much to do to get everything ready for Sunday. Please pray for peace for me that I can calmly get everything done. As soon as I am done with this post, it is time to set to work. I just need to get these thoughts out.

3. I had a really upsetting email this morning. I can't say more than that because I was accused of turning things into blog fodder (oops, I just did, didn't I?). I am going to let it go now because I feel like it is Satan trying to get under my skin as we prepare for Sunday. I had something similar happen on the eve of being induced with Alex. So, I am going to pray through it and let it go.

4. I am thankful for my friend, Lisa. I wish you all could know her-she is that great! Suffice it to say, she always has a moment when I need to talk through things.

5. Does anyone know how long joint issues can last post pregnancy? I have tendonitis normally, but it is horrible during pregnancy, and it is continuing now. I crocheted for about an hour last night, and the entire time, my hand was numb and I had shooting pain. A couple of summers ago, I saw a chiropractor for this, as well as my TMJ and some hip pain (sounds like I am falling apart!), and she was fabulous. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover chiropractic.

6. Speaking of crocheting, I finished my gift for Shawna's sweet Maggie! I am going to mail it today, and will post pictures as soon as I know Shawna has it. If you are on Ravelry, the pictures will be up there shortly. Email me for my username if you are on Ravelry and want to see it.

7. Yesterday, my Recipe Swap had a giveaway! The winner of this cookbook is Herd Momma! I will be getting it out later today


Gae said...

I have just found your lovely blog.
I have always had a carpel tunnel thing happening in my pregnancies( well at least the last 6) and it seems to last longer after each one. I have just had our 11th baby this year and I still get it. Especially at night.
I don't know my self what to do about it as I dont want to take medication, so I just keep waiting for it to clear up.
I pray you get the answers you are looking for.

Shawna said...

Happy 5 weeks, Alex!

Yay! I had such a horrible morning, and knowing that Maggie has a gift on the way that was lovingly made with your own hands has totally brightened my day! How sweet! I can't wait for it to arrive!

Praying for a productive and stress-free day (and weekend!) for you, relief from your joint pain (ouch!) and for a perfect baptism for Alex!

bringing up boys said...

Therese, Your blog fodder feeds many! Keep it up!!! Sounds like someone is feeling a little envious! I cannot believe Alex is already 5 weeks. I love the pictures. As to the joint pain, treat yourself to a nice bath with epsom salt. The magnesium affects the muscles and tendons, My naturopath put me on magnesium pills to help with pain. Embrace every day, blog away! Karyn

Jamie said...

What the heck is a blog fodder? And what does it mean to be accused of it?

Prayers for sweet little Alex on her special day!! (and her very busy mama!:)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Ditto Karyn, you know great minds think alike:)
Watch your mailbox.

Dawn Farias said...

My body still isn't 100% after having Michael... 20 months ago!!

Sydney said...

I just emailed you. You know I love you! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I have to show my mom! She's wearing the outfit! :D

Aussie Therese said...

oh Therese,

I love your blog. It is on the list of must reads when updated.

I agree with Karyn and Grandma.

I hope everything goes well on Sunday and I am sure it will.

Prayers for your hand and pain.

Herd Momma said...

I've decided that my body started giving up when I turned 39 and is waiting to really fall apart when I hit 40. I am so sorry for your aches. I'm going to take the epson salt idea and use it myself. my hands too go numb and cause aches in my elbows and neck and shoulder. But I ain't layin' my hook down yet! We won't give in. Hope you find relief soon.
I am totally making silly sounds at Alex's pictures. Blessings on her special day. I was thinking of you all as my herd headed to church and during Mass.
And one more thing. Woo Hoo. A cookbook. I totally love cookbooks! THANKS!

Tracy said...

awww, your baby is just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

B6 can help, a bit, with mild to moderate carpal tunnel.

I don't even get the whole "blog fodder" thing... I say, SO WHAT? I mean what do we blog about? things on our minds, on our hearts, in our lives. So even if an email DID feed a blog post, SO WHAT?!

Blog whatever you want that is going on in your life, is on your mind or in your heart ~ whether family, prayer, experiences or emails put it there. As long as you maintain Christian charity, what's the problem? I am glad you're going to let it go. It's not worth worrying about.