23 October 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday!

1. Fall is in full swing around here. My boys love raking and jumping in the leaves!

2. Our favorite frozen custard stand carried my new favorite this week-RED VELVET CAKE Custard. The custard is chocolate, and it has ribbons of cream cheese frosting in it. Here, Michael is wearing eating it!

3. Michael is becoming quite the big brother, don't you think?

4. I am so thankful for my blogging friends who left such great comments since last night's post. I have to remember to pray through this time. As an addendum, I was unable to nurse Alex, so I am extra worried about her getting the H1N1. As of this morning, Andy has a sore throat and Drew is stuffy. No fevers or anything else thus far. Just going to pray, tie a knot and hang on!
5. To Corinne-thanks for quoting part of Hail, Holy Queen. That really is my favorite prayer. Maybe I need to just keep saying it?
6. I will be done scoring SATs on Sunday. Then I am going to get some projects going. I have my Pay-it-Forwards to finish, and I want to make hats for the boys for winter. Also, Allison posted a pattern for making mittens out of old sweaters. I am thinking of trying this!
7. Baby Alex turned 6 weeks old yesterday. Here is her weekly photo:

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Sarah - Kala said...

Looks like Alex is catching up to her fuzzy toy!! Your kids are just so darling!!

Anonymous said...

That custard sure sounds good! Alex is getting so big!

Tracy said...

oh my goodness.. your kids are just so cute!!!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I love the picture of Alex looking up and smiling at Michael. Beautiful!!
Sweetie, remember that God does not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a strong mind. Can't remember the Address for that one right now, but will find it if you wish. Point being, Alex will be fine. The children who are having trouble with H1N1 are those with compromised immune systems. Remember also, this is being hyped by the government to keep us fearful so we will follow in lockstep with whatever they say. This is a created pandimic.
Love you and stay strong and faithful, He has never let us down.