30 October 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday!

1. Andy got a decent picture of Alex in her ComfyJoey. She was in it with Daddy! I never thought my hubby would wear a sling, but if it makes baby girl happy, I guess he'll do it!

2. I splurged on another carrier. I got this one at Target for $15. Alex loved being at school today for the Halloween parade and seeing all of the kids!
Isn't she the cutest pink leopard?

3. My little Mario, I mean Michael, is doing so well on his potty training! He literally only had a couple of accidents this week, and woke up dry 3 out of 5 mornings this week!

4. This is our Meyer lemon tree. After spending the summer outside, it has come in for the next 9 months, I mean winter. We have a ton of lemons this year (15-20), and it is already budding. Going to have to pull out my lemon recipes!

5. We began working on our annual Christmas ornament this week. All I can say is that it is a tree, and it is VERY cute!

6. Tomorrow is the last day of the soccer season. Our games were cancelled last week because of the mud. I am waiting to hear about tomorrow. I haven't gone to the last few because it has been too cold for the baby. I may try to bundle her tomorrow so I can see the boys play.

7. I feel like the end of the year is coming too quickly. I can't believe that we are almost at November. Once Halloween is over, we are entering my favorite time of year with the holidays. I am hoping to finish Christmas shopping in the next couple of weeks so I can enjoy Advent and all of the holidays.

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Sarah - Kala said...

I just wanna squeeze (gently, of course) those cute little girly cheeks of hers! Love the leopard print!

I like your lemon tree. Very nice. Well, maybe I'll get one some day. I don't have a green thumb, but I like projects now and again. One plant at a time.

Nancy said...

Therese....Sometimes I swear we were actually sisters! Sometimes, when you share things....I feel like I'm reading something that I've written!
Don't you wanna move some place warmer????

Dawn Farias said...

I love your lemon tree!! Are you glad for soccer to be over? An annual Christmas ornament sounds like a great idea!!

(I also came over to give you the purple color code to match your layout: #660099)

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
Your little Michael is doing so well with potty training. =D That's often the case, that older children become potty trained after the new baby is born.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures of Michael and Alex <3