17 August 2009

What would you do?

I am kind of struggling with how to handle a situation. Last week, I alluded to the fact that some friends have fallen out of my life. I am truly OK with it, but I feel like I am at a crossroads. With the exception of one, I hear from none in this group anymore since one of them cut me out of her life (granted I have not reached out either, but it has been for my own emotional health as I make it through this pregnancy).

Again, I am not mourning here. God has been so good to me as to put some strong women in my life (as I wrote about last week), both in everyday life, as well as the blogosphere. Here is my struggle, do I unfriend them on Facebook? Because of the lack of communication, I really feel like keeping my life a tad more private in regards to this group. I am struggling to make a decision...what would you do?


Anonymous said...

I would unfriend them. Seeing as they are no longer apart of your life anymore, I would. I mean, I wouldn't want someone I no longer communicate with on my list. It's up to you though...

Aussie Therese said...

totally agree with Meghan.

I put things on my facebook that I don't want people that aren't friends knowing.

They may get upset and feel hurt but you cannot let that stop you from protecting yourself. I think that while they are friends you are more vulnerable.

Anne said...

If they truly do not want to be your friends anymore, it probably would not hurt them, and maybe, they wouldn't even notice. Some people have like 300 friends on facebook, who in the world can keep track of all of them!

I will keep you in my prayers for this situation. Of course I'm not sure of the details in your case, but I went through (am going through) a similar situation. It is so hard and so painful. For me, letting go is one of the hardest things to do, I tend to even want to hold on to the pain-must be a bit crazy I guess!

God's blessings of peace to you!

Sydney said...

I don't know. I know they cause a lot of drama in your life... I guess I would lean more toward the site of jacking up your security settings... limit what they can see. You can make it so they can't see status updates, pictures, wall posts, etc. Seeing how things have gone down in the past with you and this group... you could avoid the drama of "OMG Therese unfriended us on Facebook" and just make it so they can't see anything in your profile. Just my two cents! I know you'll figure out what's right for you.

Nancy said...

Therese, I know I'm late in responding to this post...and we just spoke on FB...but, I still think you did the right thing.
From my experience, people change and not always the way we would want. Sometimes, it's just time to let go. I only say this because I have been back in touch with people on FB recently and I've had to wonder why I wanted to reconnect with them in the first place. I know your situation is different because there was no "break" in the relationship, but maybe you are just growing apart and have different interests and values now.
Anyway...that was my 2 cents.


Kim H. said...

Unfriend them, say a prayer, take a breath and let them go.

(I know, easier said than done, but girl, just keep reminding yourself you need healthy, strong, balanced relationships.)

Marilena said...

i have to agree with unfriendng them. i think thats a good idea.

Herd Momma said...

Ditto to Kim and Marilena. I think God brought Kim into your life to help with the break. I know I've made friends with some people from my home town that I wonder huh? why did they ask to be my friend, I don't even really know them. But it has actually turned out to be kind of fun and interesting. It sounds like you might have already made your decision. Now bless it, send it, forget it.
Love ya! HUGS!

Jamie said...

I don't get into Facebook, but you could just say you are cleaning out your "friends" and only want close friends on there? I'll pray for you.

For me: another reason to not do Facebook! :)

Holli said...

I vote for unfriending them also. If they aren't talking to you and aren't a part of your life anymore they shouldn't be allowed to see anything you have going on...that's my thought on it.

Anonymous said...

My dear sis,
I remember mom having different friends close to her at different times in her life. People grow and change...it is just a part of life. You have every right to move on as you have grown in so many beautiful ways! You are in a different season in your own life. I am glad you want to give out your love and support to those who need and desire it.You can pray for them, forgive them and without guilt, peacefully move forward with those wonderful women God has placed close to you in this current season!! I love you! Your sister and your friend, Mary

Anonymous said...

HI Therese,
It all depends on what you put on Facebook, doesn't it?

However, some friends are in your life for just a season, but true friends leave footprints on your heart. How many footprints has this friend left on your heart? -just food for thought. ♥

Thank you for your friendship - it is something that I shall treasure.

Brandie said...

i'm so behind on reading blogs...and i'm sure you've already made your decision. i totally agree with unfriending. i actually had to do that recently and even cancelled Facebook. i'm all about simplicity!!