11 August 2009

Mama's Day

Five years ago today, my Mama went to Heaven.
I wanted to share the first pictures of my Mom with Peter and Drew.
Her grandchildren were everything to her-she offered up her suffering with the cancer so that her grandchildren would not lose their faith.
Here is Mom with Peter in 2000.

Mom with Drew in 2003.

I know she was with me in 2005 when Michael was born,
and she will be with me this year as our new baby is born-
her 26th grandchild.

I love you, Mama!


Nancy said...

What precious memories, Therese. She IS with you, everyday!

Sarah - Kala said...

Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous faith!!

Jamie said...

Oh, your mother was beautiful on earth and is so much more beautiful and perfect in Heaven. Praying for you as your remember her.

Meghan said...

What a great nana :)

Aussie Therese said...

oh Therese your post bought tears to my eyes.

The photos are precious. I am sure she is looking down at you and your 4 children and praying for them all.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Therese,
I shall treasure my mum all the more because of your post.♥

Frizzy said...

I am picturing her up in heaven bragging to everyone about how many grandkids she has! Beautiful woman and tribute to her and I'll have to agree completely with what Jillian said above me.

Ellen said...

Therese, those images are just beautiful.