07 August 2009

Expiration dates

Did you know that car seats have an expiration date? I bring this up because our infant seat, apparently, is about to expire. It was a hand me down that a friend (who is no longer a part of my life) let us use when Michael was born as we had needed to replace the car seat we used from Peter and Drew (my sister had borrowed that one from us, and it was in a car accident, and therefore not usable).

So, a few months ago, I had asked Andy about the seat, if he thought we should use it again. I had done some reading on it, and apparently the plastic breaks down when exposed to extreme temperatures. Well, in the 4 years since Michael was born, it has been stored in our garage, and subjected to very hot summers (well, except for this year) and VERY cold winters. When I asked him, he figured that I just didn't want to use it due to the fall out with said friend (I know I shouldn't be, but I am a superstitious Italian-thank my Dad for that one-who tries not to believe in people wishing harm, etc., but it is in my genes). Anyway, I pushed my thoughts aside, and decided that if Andy was comfortable with using the seat that we would, but I would invest in a new cover for it to give it a new look.

Then, Andy started reading about expiration of car seats...last night. He decided on his own that we needed to replace it. That he just didn't want to take a chance with our little girl. Now, I am on a hunt for a new infant seat. Any thoughts?


Jamie said...

I didn't know they had actual expiration dates, but I did know that we are supposed to change them every 5-6 years. With our last baby we got a new infant one.

Therese said...

Which is why we need a new...this was a hand me down...We are right at the maximum limit. I think if you look at the bottom of yours, you will see the expiration date.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I get such a chuckle over this. Not to make fun of your concern, because I know it is legitimate. I just think how my mother put the baby in one of our laps and had us hold him/her. We had a car seat that hung over the back of the front seat between Stan and I. No airbags to worry about, and a huge heavy car around us. When we got a little more money, we were able to buy ones that had little prongs that slipped under the back of the seat. We were really uptown with those. Many trips back and forth to Alaska the kids roamed around the back of the Station wagon, crawling over the seats and playing in the way back. No accidents and we all survived. Today I would be arrested for endangering the lives of my children! We've come a long way haven't we? Well now the cars are tin cans and we do need far more protection for our babes. We drive a lot faster too.

Anne said...

I'm always such a Nervous Nellie. Better safe than sorry. I would replace it, I know life is so horribly expensive and then there's the worry of adding all those expired car seats to the land fill. sigh...sometimes we just can't win!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I obviously have no idea...

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
I had no idea that car seats came with use-by dates.

I wonder whether it is just in America, or is it worldwide?


Sydney said...

I actually did know this because my friend Sara warned me about that. She went to a car seat safety check at the fire dept., and the fire dept. told her the car seat expired. She thought it was a joke till the fire fighter took it out and showed her the expiration date.

We actually did a story on it back at the station. I think Alex's old seat will still be okay... but we have to check.

Herd Momma said...

YES. Replace it. You don't mess around with safety. Not to mention the 'emotional' attachment to this one. chunck and let it be gone. Now, watch Target sales and/or find a good resale shop you trust. We have one here that is great. Anita is super careful about the dates. She won't buy it if it expires even in a year! I have seen some really great ones that people have sold her. They had one kid and were done. Same with swings and bouncies etc... barely used! Give it a look. Or just chunk out the change, get a new one and feel safe. HEY! You have all that money you saved on hire a seamstress to recover the bed! <3 :)

Kim H. said...

I knew all that -- not because I'm a know it all -- but because when I watched Lily I read up on carseats so I was in the know. Part of it is that I think emotions get preyed on, but I do believe some of it makes sense.

At any rate, I really liked my Graco infant bucket. Now I'm assuming you're talking about the bucket one -- not the big kid one? Right?

Cause when you get to that point, I have a very specific recommendation -- a recommendation from tried and true experience. I love, love, love my Britax one for Molly. It's WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

You can call me if you want -- but glad Andy checked it out. I say always better safe than sorry!