12 August 2009


I saw the OB today, fully expecting that I would hear that I was at least at 2 cm. Well, I was SO wrong! Nothing, zilch, nada. This little girl is going to take her own sweet time. I am OK with that. Hopefully, it means that I will get the boys in school. I go back to the OB on the 25th.

In other news, after deciding last night that I did not make the cut in the interview process for the new position at work, I received an email this morning that I am getting an interview! It is scheduled for August 20. When I called my sister, she said, and how good, you never lost faith in Jesus for doing this for you. Truly, I didn't, but I did give up on THIS position preferring to think that it meant that Jesus had another plan for me. And He still may, we just need to wait and see, and pray.


Amy said...

It seems like you JUST told us you were pregnant. It went by fast. Maybe you will suddenly go into labor and have her on the 23rd...our mans 60th bday :)

Jamie said...

I never dilate...for the last baby and this one, she doesn't even check me (thank goodness) and why should she? They are c-sections anyway!!!

My dilator is broken or something!!

Just like that, it could happen! (for you, not me)

I just prayed for you this morning and this exact thing, your job, I was thinking about you (one of the many times I get up in the night to go potty ) and wondered what had happened and thought it was a prompt from God to pray for you!

Just a Hail Mary and off to sleep I was...
Hope to hear good news, but you know even if it is not the news you want, it is what is supposed to happen, God is already there!

Brandie said...

congrats on the interview! and good luck!