20 August 2009


I am taking a poll about Recipe Swap Thursday. Please vote on the right and leave any thoughts to make it better! Thanks!


Gramma 2 Many said...

Give it time, it will definitely catch on.
Sorry I did not get around to posting one.
May still manage before the day is over.

Nancy said...

Personally, I love giveaways! I was thinking that I would be willing to donate maybe a cookbook or kitchen gadget that all those who enter would be eligible to win.
Maybe Judy over at BENMAKESTEN might have some ideas. She seems to have a pretty decent following for some of her weekly activities. I think she also belongs to some homeschooling message boards. Maybe she could make an announcement over there and send people over.
I also think that some people are just still in summer mode! I bet once Fall comes, they'll be more people interested in cooking!
Me???? Well I'm ALWAYS interested in cooking (eating)!!!

Frizzy said...

May I make a suggestion with the recipe swap? Maybe a theme for each week and are you able to create a link so everyone sees who's playing along and maybe the recipe they've provided? Just a thought. I'm excited about this and am thrilled to finally have gotten my act together.

Aussie Therese said...

definitely give it time. I also like the idea of a theme. That will make it easier for people to think of what to post.

Allison said...

I like doing it, just I won't be blogging much as I'm busy this week and the next 2 weeks since my sister is visiting from Italy.

I think weekly is fine, or every other week. But every other week might be harder for people to remember to do...

Therese said...

Any ideas on a better linking system? I haven't been happy with it, but am kind of illiterate in this area...I would like one where we can see the list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
Please keep it going. It's fun thinking about what to post, but a theme - I don't know.

My blog posts are usually about something that I have made recently, and I don't cook all that often - my husband does most of the cooking. ☺

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sharon said...

I haven't voted in the poll, because I haven't done this *yet.* I have a backlog of recipes that I want to share on my blog, and your recipe swap looks like a great way to do it. I don't know if I'd be able to post one every week, but I'll try to participate as much as I can.

Anonymous said...

I voted for every week!