08 August 2009

Over the weekend...

Peter's new backpack arrived. He was very excited as he got to design it himself! We have been saving Coke reward points for a long time, and we had enough to replace his backpack. He got to pick the colors and design.

It even has his initials on the pocket. We ordered it about 2 weeks ago, and I worried that it wouldn't be here in time. We got an email this past Monday saying it had shipped-from China! We had fun watching it go from China to Alaska to Kentucky to here. Think he likes it?

Today, Andy decided that it was time to recover the bumpers on the side of our water bed (yes, we sleep in one-his parents bought him a queen size when he was in middle school-generous, huh? Andy's bad back causes us to still sleep in it, and really I do love it!). He asked if I could sew cuffs for the top of each side to make it look like the old one. I had a bit of a meltdown because my sewing machine has been giving me fits. I never took sewing, but always wanted to.

In 2000, my parents bought me a machine, and I have used it for a few things, but my frustration level the last time I used it caused me to used stitch witchery the last time Drew needed jeans hemmed. I could not find the instruction manual. My dear sweet husband found the manual online and helped me load the bobbin which was what I had been doing wrong the last time I sewed with it. Frustration over! The strips on the left were the first set I made (to Andy's specifications) only to find out they were measured wrong (ya' think!). I gladly made the right size which are the longer ones on the left.

Now that I realized what I was doing wrong, it makes me want to try a simple project again...maybe after I finish my current knitting project, and have a baby!
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Shawna said...

Awesome backpack!

Wow, does the idea of a waterbed sound FANTASTIC right now!

Anonymous said...

That backpack is so cool!

Sounds like it was a very productive weekend!

Kim H. said...

Oh my word, girl, YOU ARE SO NESTING!!!

I think the slipcovers can wait though -- but tell me this -- how the heck do you get in and out of that thing?????

Lisha said...

I am beginning to think I need a water bed too lol. It would be so comfy on my back :) Love the new backpack too HOW cool will he be the first day of school?