20 August 2009


Thank you for all of the prayers for my interview. I think it went well-except for the question about a time when I struggled to build rapport with another teacher. I was stumped-it has never happened! I found out that there are probably about 80 candidates for the 15 positions. The next step would be to have a second interview if I am chosen to move on. She said that it would take at least a week. As much as I would like an answer like yesterday, I know that this is in God's hands now, and that's good. I am leaving it with Him and am going to focus on important things like this baby!

So, yesterday was a day I would like to have done without. I sent Andy out to our freezer for waffles (I know shame on me-not making them from scratch!), and they were soft, not frozen. I went through the usual panic and subsequent hormonal rant (sorry Andy) when I had to deal with what to do. Initially, he thought it was the compressor, and we thought it best to replace the unit.

After looking online, I called Andy at work, and he suggested we have someone look at it. One of the drains was clogged. Once fixed, it was fine. I am happy to report that we caught it before any of the food had to be tossed in part because Andy insists on keeping ice in there (like 60 pounds of it) during the summer. The repairman came right away, and by early afternoon all of the meat was completely frozen again. One thing that still stumped us-THE BREAD WOULD NOT FREEZE! Anyone have an explanation for this? By this morning, the bread and waffles were frozen again.

Nothing new on the baby front. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a TON of braxton-hicks, but now, nothing. I am still praying that I get the boys in school, and am still anxious, but am feeling more prepared. My nieces are throwing me a shower on Saturday, and I think I will make it to this one! I really do!

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