08 July 2008

Michael's Day

I am very sad to say that Michael gave up his nap about 6 months ago. He was less than 2 1/2 which was much younger than my older boys who napped until they were like 3 1/2. I miss that time. I miss having a couple of hours to myself to recharge. It just so happens that on occasion, Michael falls asleep. Just drops wherever he is and sleeps. The problem is that he will then be up until like 9:30. Yesterday was a day such as this. Here he is asleep on the floor:

He slept too long, and we knew it. We knew he would not go right down at 7:30 like normal. After about 45 minutes of walking him back to bed and laying him down, Andy said, "bed or time-out?" Michael said bed, but a few minutes later, he got up, pulled out a chair, and put himself in time out. This is Michael in his self-imposed time-out:

This is Michael a few minutes later:

and a few minutes later, again:

Every time we asked if he was ready for bed, he would say, "No, I'm in time-out." I know the cardinal rule-NEVER LAUGH when you are trying to discipline, but he was so gosh-darn cute! He finally did go to bed at 9:30.
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Amy said...

He is GORGEOUS! There is nothing better than a sleeping child, I say!

TheMama said...

Such a cutie!

Sleepless nights aside, I think not laughing is the hardest part when they're little.

If it was anyone else's kiddo, I'd have to leave the room and laugh in the hallway!

Stephanie said...

oh so cute

Anonymous said...

I hate summer just for the bed time changes! My daughter is 2 1/2, and it keeps getting pushed further and further back. I wish she would just collapse somewhere and sleep, but she just keeps going and going.