03 July 2008

Baking Day!

We are going to the Milwaukee Brewers game tomorrow for the 4th of July. It is most of my family- my brother, Frank, his wife, Lydia and several of his 8 kids; my sister Mary, her husband, John and 6 of her 7 kids; my sister Margaret, her husband, Paul and their 2, and of course my brood. Sadly missed will be my brother, Sal, his wife, Susan, and their 5. I am really excited to go and tailgate, and see everyone!

My assigned task for the tailgate is dessert. I am making a pan of toll house cookie bars, and cupcakes. If I feel ambitious and go all out baking th cupcakes, I will post a picture of them. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th!


Amy said...

Wow! You have a big family. I hope you all have fun, and stay safe!

Oh and yummy on the baked stuff.

Susie said...

Have a great time!!! You guys deserve it. I can't wait to see the pictures of your wonderful treats:-) I am all about the treats:-)

Jaci said...

Good luck with your baking! My cupcakes look great, but taste weird. I think the canned icing was old or something. ewww