17 July 2008

Breathe In, Breathe Out, and Think!

Andy hurt his back, and after much begging stayed home today. I decided to get out with the boys so he could rest. I told them to get their shoes on and we'd go to the park. Yesterday, I bought Peter a pair of $1 flip-flops at Walmart. I did not expect them to last. We had forgotten shoes to change into after the funeral, and I didn't want to spend a lot on shoes when he has some at home. OK, who am I kidding? I brought NOTHING to change into after the funeral. So, we went to Wally World, and tried to spend as little as possible...which turned into $70, but I digress!

Peter wanted to wear his flip-flops. I told him not to, that they weren't that well-made and might break. We got to the park, and the kids started to play. I sat under a shady tree with my crocheting and thought of the nice time we were about to have-or so I thought! About 5 minutes later, Michael came to tell me he needed to be changed. We went to the van and, thankfully, I had a diaper and wipes. The wipes were dry. As I was finishing cleaning him up, Peter came up to me. The thong in one of his flip flops had pulled out. I pushed it back in and thought we'd be fine. It came out again, and again, and again. I then decided it was time to go.

The problem was, Peter wanted flip-flops (he calls them beach shoes). He's 8, and a really good kid. I thought, fine, let's go back to Wally World and get you flip-flops. Here is where my frustration set in. Every two steps or so, the thong of his show would come out. I finally tell him to take it off and walk barefoot-in Walmart (I know-my post about casual dress yesterday is coming back to haunt me). He then proceeds to tell everyone we pass, "broken shoe", and hold it up to show them. Couple this with Michael and Drew fighting over standing on the edge of the cart, I was quickly being pushed over the edge. I finally said, "I am getting really frustrated." Peter's response was, "Breathe out, breathe in and think." I asked him where he heard this, and he said on Blue's Clues. Yes, 8 is a little old for the show, but his almost 3 year old brother deserves equal time. Maybe I should start watching. I might learn something!


Deanna said...

Sounds like you had quite the start of a day.... and it's hot out there on top of all of that!!

Hope you have a better evening!!


Amy said...

Sounds like a Calgon Take Me Away day!

Jennifer said...

Oh boy--you've had "one of those days" too! Tomorrow will be better!

What are you crocheting? Do you knit too?