16 July 2008

Everyday Casual?

I think as a society we are becoming WAY too casual in the way we dress. This thought occurred to me as we attended Andy's Grandma's funeral yesterday and today. Initially, I was going to sit and write specifically about that, but the more I thought about it, I realized that it wasn't just there, it is EVERYWHERE!

I spent 2 days putting together clothes for the somber occasion. Andy and I were easy. He has a suit, and because he doesn't have to wear it to work, it stays in good condition. He wore his suit. I have not one, but two black dresses. The one I wore yesterday is what I refer to as my funeral suit. I bought it for my Mom's funeral, and have worn it also to my Dad's, to the little girl's last week and to the funeral this week. My sons were a bit trickier, but I think in the end, they all look handsome in their pants and shirts.

OK, I am not trying to be catty here, no one is saying that you should go out and buy a suit or even a new outfit, but please, could you tuck your shirt in? Can we find something other than gym shoes? Please don't think I am pointing out people at the funeral, I may or may not be. I have also seen this look at weddings, and even at work-when I used to have to go into a place of business to work. I went to Walgreen's this evening, and walked right past a girl in her pajamas! Have we become this lazy, that we can't even get dressed to go out in public?

I know that years ago when casual Friday was introduced, it was believed to be a way to allow people to have a more relaxed atmosphere in the office, but, please, let's try to look a little nicer.


Sydney said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Alex and I were in Target today, when two girls in bikini tops and super short gym shorts walked past. Alex said, "Mom they're not dressed. Why aren't they dressed?" He asked this as these two high school girls walked past. I didn't have an answer for him.

Amy said...

I once saw someone show up to a church wedding in SHORTS!!

It's getting worse and worse everywhere you look.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! I work for a very conservative company and have always had to dress up--no casual Fridays here! I've worked there for 12 years and have seen "dressed up" go from suits to dressy skirts & blouses, to more casual skirts, to--just yesterday--walking shorts!?! Meanwhile, I feel naked if I don't have pantyhose on. But I'm old-fashioned like that :)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Therese, you have hit on a very good topic. I couldn't agree more. I think the worse I saw was a whole family schlepping through a grocery store in the middle of the day in their pj's and slippers. The little boy about three yrs old in the cart even had them on with his bunny slippers. The grandma, yes grandma, had on sloppy, baggy, dirty, flannel pajama bottoms, a baggy, dirty shirt and run down fuzzy slippers. There was also another grown woman (mommy?) and two other dirty children with them. I was concerned about buying anything they had picked up. I do not think it was a matter of being poor. There is nothing wrong with poor, but dirty and lazy is uncalled for. I always see people dressed in pj's in Walley World also.
I think you are so right about the funeral. There is no reason not to show some respect for the person and the family. Personally, though, I no longer wear black. I find this a time of rejoicing and have opted for colors. I wore pink and white to my father's funeral. I did not, however, go dressed in grunge.
Maybe I should have put this on my blog, it is quite long.