19 July 2008

High School Reunion

I graduated from high school 20 years ago. I am not ashamed to admit it. I will not be attending the reunion. Here's what happened:

I went to an all-girl high school. About 2-3 years after I graduated, the school closed. There was an all-boy school about a mile from ours, and it went co-ed. The girls went there-end of our school that had been open for 90 years.

Earlier this year, I received an invitation to our reunion. It is being held at the former all-boys school that caused our school to close. It is also a joint reunion with the class from that school of the same year. Cost-$100 per couple. After much thought, I decided no to attend. I am still in contact with several of the girls I went to school with. If I want to see them, I do. I don't need to spend $100 to see people that I only see at reunions. I went to my 1o year, and spent the entire evening with people I still see now. Well, that's not entirely true. I did run into my friend, Lisa, who I am just about inseparable with, but that is a story for another day.

Instead of attending reunion next weekend, I am getting together with the friends from high school that I am still friends with. It is a celebration of more than 20 years of friendship, and that means more to me than any reunion.


Amy said...

It is my reunion this year too. I I am not going either. I see the people I want to see without paying (ours is only $40) but all the snobs are running it....bleh!

Susie said...

I had a great time last night! I hope you did too:-) I do think it was a much more meaningful way to celebrate the occasion.

Kelly said...

I think your alternative reunion is a great idea