04 July 2008

Happy 4th...and an Embarrasing Moment! (Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta)

This picture is a handful of my nieces and nephews, and Peter (whose head is turned-oh well!) tailgating at the Brewers Game. Many chose to sit in the back of our van to eat. We really had a perfect day-lower 70's and sunny! Great day for fun!

I am the first in the line-up here (except Michael was on Andy's lap taking the picture). We took up the entire row minus 2 seats. We really had a blast! The Brewers smashed the Pirates 9-1!

Now for the embarrassing moment. As you can see, I am standing with my niece, Anne, and we are dancing...guess who was on the Jumbotron at the park? You guessed it-we were! I was so mortified! I looked up, saw us, put my hand over my mouth and immediately sat down. This was the picture Andy shot when he saw I was on the big screen!
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Susie said...

You look fantastic! I say...shake it baby:-)

Amy said...

I agree, you look great. Looks like lots of fun!

Clare said...

What do you mean mortified? That was fun!(i say gummybears!)

Candid Carrie said...

You made it to the Jumbotron? Be proud girl, add that to your resume and work it for all it is worth. In fact, add a tagline to your blog ... As Seen On The Jumbotron!

P.S. I am right there with you today ;)

Jaci said...

So, my Pittsburgh Pirates lost, huh? That's not too hard for them to do. :)

I would have died if I was on the Jumbo-tron. At least you didn't scream, huh?