21 July 2009


I had this great post in my head yesterday, and then I was too tired to write! I usually hate Mondays. Andy goes back to work, and right now, we have hit the point in summer where I can't seem to keep the boys busy enough.

First things first, the doorbell rang (and I had not showered yet), but I realized that it was the mailman delivering a package. My friend, Nancy, sent me lots of really cute baby stuff! I cannot wait to use it! I still cannot believe that I will be 32 weeks on Thursday! It seems so close now! By the way, could you say a prayer for Nancy today? Today is Nancy's first mammogram since completing her treatment for breast cancer. Thanks!

Speaking of baby's birth feeling close, I decided that I needed to start checking off the back to school list. I took the boys school supply shopping, and I was so pleased at how good they were! It was really the lowest stress supply run that I ever remember! Afterwards, I took them to get an ice cream cone at McDonald's (can't beat the $0.49 price!). Next on that to do list will be uniforms and soccer uniforms (I am really looking forward to soccer practice in mid-August-NOT!).

So, we had a few other errands to run, but it was just the day that was so good. The boys and I had a good time in the van-good music on the i-Pod, and just lots of memories to share with them. As we were at Kmart, I was reminded of taking my Mom there when Peter was about 2. She couldn't drive anymore due to her vision loss, but we went out together often in those days. I looked up and saw the Little Caesars' sign in the store and was reminded of how Mom always bought Peter lunch there when we went to take back to her house. I told Peter about it, and although he was too young to remember, he loves hearing stories about his Nonni.

Then in the car, my i-Pod on shuffle, John Michael Talbot came on. I love his music! I had the opportunity to see him play a few years ago, and he is amazing. I grew up listening to his music in the car with my parents. So, yesterday his "Holy, Holy, Holy" came on. It is a part of the album he did of songs that are related to each part of the Mass. I highly recommend it! There are just certain songs of his, though, that I can still hear my Mom singing to when I play them. This was one. I really could feel her presence with us yesterday. It was such a blessing. Lately, I have missed both of my parents, especially with the baby coming, but yesterday, I was filled with joy. Joy that they are both in heaven, and joy that I am blessed to have these memories.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful way to end that post!!

Amy said...

YOu are very brave to bring your boys shopping for school supplies and lucky that they behaved. I told my girls that I am going to shop for that....they want everything they see. Drives me insane.

It seems as though you JUST told us you were pregnant, time flies!

Kim H. said...

Glad you're getting so much checked off your list. Nest away, girl!

And I loved the story about Little Caesars -- just precious. I know you miss you Mom.

Hugs, honey!

Nancy said...

I think you're nesting! I'm glad you had a successful day with the boys! Sometimes, those kinds of days can seem far and few between.

Thank you for your prayers, Therese. They mean the world to me!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Therese,
I really value my parents, as they are getting older. My mum is 73 and my dad is nearly 80, so I treasure the times that we have together.

I pray that they will accept the Lord Jesus Christ, and that they, too, will be in heaven.

I'm glad that you have the joy of the Lord in your heart, for your parents.


Anne said...

My parents have both passed away as well. It's hard to feel like an orphan when you are an adult. You think you should be able to handle life on earth without them, don't you? But knowing that they are in heaven, praying for you, makes them feel even closer. My prayers for you and the health of your little one growing within you (such an amazing miracle!)

Dawn Farias said...

What a beautiful post!

Meghan said...

Very, very productive day!