08 July 2009

I love a good deal!

I don't usually do posts like this, but I was so excited after yesterday's shopping trip! This week it is double coupon week at Kmart. They double up to $2 coupons, meaning you could save up to $4 per item. Couponing has become kind of an addiction for me. Kmart has been doing this about once a month. Since I did this for the first time in May, I have spent next to nothing on shampoo, cleaning supplies and razors. Last night, I got 5 bottles of shampoo for $1.50.
I went to 3 Kmarts last night, and got the above stuff. Most expensive were the diapers (stocking up for the baby) and pull-ups (for the child who won't potty train) which I paid about $5.60 per pack for after savings. Everything else was about a dollar or less. I ended up saving 56% on everything (Totals were $154 before savings/coupons, out of pocket $67). This is one of the best Kmart runs I have had yet. What are you doing to save money these days?


Sarah said...

I just need the patience to learn how to do this effectively instead of always "winging it".
I use coupons for whatever I do buy when I can find them to use them. Never save more than a couple of bucks, but like my dear old grandfather would say, "A penny earned is a penny saved."

Dawn Farias said...


Gramma 2 Many said...

I never remember to take coupons when I go shopping.
Good job.

Lisha said...

You did awesome!! I love the double coupons at Kmart, however ours in our area has not done it in months and I am missing it. I still save the good $2 off coupons just in case!! lol. I LOVE Saving money!