16 July 2009

Q & A with Aussie Therese and Sarah (JOT)

From Aussie Therese: I want to know your favourite childhood memory.

I wish I could pick just one! I really had a great upbringing-I was very blessed! My favorite memories were always when we had family parties that included my aunts and uncles and cousins. We had a rec room in the basement, and it was always full with music and laughter and lots of great Italian food! I always loved those times when we were all together!

I also was blessed that my maternal Grandma and her oldest sister, Aunt Mary lived in the flat upstairs from us. I know it helped Mom and Dad out a lot when I was little as they always had a babysitter available. I loved going up there, and would run up several times a day! My Grandma would get so mad at me because I would throw the door open and yell for ,"Auntie Mary!"-even if Grandma was sitting at the table when I walked in! I love them both so much. I am glad they are in Heaven, but I do miss those days!

From Sarah (JOT): If you were stranded (only for a short time) on an island, what would you bring with you . . . ???

Assuming I had signal (we are in the era of 3G, aren't we?), I would bring my kindle and my cell phone. I could email for help, and download things to read on the kindle while I waited (including spiritual reading!). I would probably want my rosary with me as well. Odd that I assume my technology would work. If not, I would want several books with me that I had not read before. I probably would also want my looms with me, so I could catch up on my knitting!

Thanks for the great questions, Sarah and Therese!


Aussie Therese said...

It is great that you have so many good childhood memories. How wonderful to have a grandmother and great aunt living upstairs from you.

Dawn said...

I loved our family get togethers when I was a kid..good food, all the cousins and of course great music and fun!