04 July 2009

Happy 4th!

For our family, this is also known as Drew's birthday weekend. He was born on the 6th, and will be 6 on Monday.

Because of my mother-in-law's recuperation, we have a variety of activities this weekend. We are going out to their house for lunch today so that Drew can see his grandparents for his birthday. My MIL just isn't quite up to the trip yet.

Tomorrow, my sister and her family will come over here to celebrate. Mary and John are Drew's Godparents, and he loves every moment he can spend with them. I have a lot to do between now and then, including getting the house ready and picking up food for my in-laws and for here tomorrow. Wish me luck!

The 4th is an odd holiday for me because I start to feel like summer is half over (really it's not). This year in particular, I am feeling kind of stressed about getting things together for the boys to go back to school. Not knowing whether the baby is coming before or after they are in school makes me feel like I need to have everything ready early. Also, there is this little problem with Michael, who will be 4 in September, refusing to potty train. He totally gets it, and is really refusing to do it. I need to pray for the best way to get this done.

Anyway, everyone have a great 4th!


bringing up boys said...

A potty chart with stickers worked for some of my boys, Gina used M&M's...Happy Birthday to Drew! Happy 233rd Birthday to this great Nation, Let's pray we make it to 234.

Herd Momma said...

AWWW>>>Potty Training. Not my favorite thing to have to do. The twins were a nightmare. Ok, this is what worked for me. We rewarded dryness. Take a day dedicated just to potty training. Put on underwear. I know, messes. Set timer for 10 minutes. Check. DRY! Special treat....our house M&Ms. Sit on potty. Hope for results. Reset timer for 10 minutes and so the cycle goes. You can try 15 minutes but, I found that 10 worked for me. And only about 2-3 m&ms or treat of preference. OH, I forgot, fill child with favorite fluid. :)
Good Luck. William was 20 months when twins were born. Didn't train til right around 3 1/2. 3 in diapers for over a year. Huggies sent us a thank you. :) ::snort::

Clenloco1422 said...

But Michael was going so well at the waterpark!! ahh. Tell Drew "Happy Birthday Buffalo Buffet" haha.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Drew!

Therese, we used Smarties to potty-train our children, and my son was dry by day at 14 months, and out of night-time nappies at 18 months.

My daughter was more difficult, that is until we realised that she wanted to sit on the toilet, and would have none of the special toilet seat that we bought, especially for her. :P