06 July 2009

Happy Birthday, Drew!

My Drew is 6 today! We celebrated with my in-laws on Saturday at their house as my MIL was not ready to come all the way in to our house. Then, we celebrated with my sister's family yesterday. My sister and her husband are Drew's Godparents. Busy weekend, but a lot of fun!
For the actual birthday today, we are taking it slow (Mama needs to!). Right now, they boys are playing the new racing game Drew got for the Wii. For his birthday dinner, Drew has asked if we can go to the food court at the mall. Because we eat out so seldomly, the boys never ask for home cooking on their birthday.
Happy Birthday, Drew! Mama loves you so much!!!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Drew!! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday and many more!!!!! Aloha from Hawaii!!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday and blessings to your sweet boy!

Dawn Farias said...

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Drew looks as if it was a happy birthday. Happy birthday, once again.