23 July 2009

Some say I am nesting...

I prefer to think of it as being prepared. I have been on a productive spree this week that began with school supply shopping. Almost all complete, except for one item, which I will pick up today.

Yesterday found me actually caught up on laundry. I also finally got those baby girl clothes put away in her dresser, and washed the bedding for the crib. The crib is now ready for its latest occupant. I am feeling much better about being ready for baby.

Yesterday, I also ordered Drew's uniform pants. He is hard to fit, but thanks to my friend Lisa, I think we may have pants that actually work, and thanks to Andy's Aunt Peg, they will be professionally hemmed as well before school starts!

This afternoon, I am down to only 2 boys (Drew has a play date). My plan is to tackle the rest of my uniform and my soccer list. To do that, though, I need to get of the computer and dig out last year's soccer shoes to see if anything fits (please God!)...Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I would be so overwhelmed if I were you! You have so much to get done in such little time...good job fitting it all in though!

Anne said...

Auntie T:
I bet baby "Mergitrod" (dont even know how to spell it)is going to be VERY happy with all the work you are doing for her!

Karen McQ. said...

Wow, I am so impressed! When my kids were little and I was pregnant with my youngest I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and like I was accomplishing nothing. You rock, Therese!

Sarah said...

Hey, will you email me? Sarahs.Journey@yahoo.com . . . I want to ask you a few questions as well as get your address for the pay it forward. I know you gave it to me once before, but it got zapped when we moved (along with many other contacts). You are the first to get your pay it forward and I reckon it will be in August that I send it.

Yes, you can keep this comment posted as my email is listed on my blog page, too.