23 November 2009

Something new

Hours are exploding at work, so I am going to make this a quick post! It's been a while since I've talked about my former teaching job. Before I had kids, I taught the Deaf and hard of hearing (yes, I can sign). Tonight, while I was teaching-which again is only via headset and microphone, I had a hearing impaired student. Yes, that's right hearing impaired. Yes, it is mild, but, this is really not the ideal situation. I'd like to strangle the person at her school who signed her up. Hello? She can't hear that well, and Hello? we teach via mainly auditory means. OK, vent over. Have a nice night! :)


Gramma 2 Many said...

Maybe you could use skype and sign to her?

Dawn Farias said...

Vent away!

Love the layout and the button. You're like, my biggest supporter!


Kim H. said...

THERESE!!! I didn't know you can sign!!! How did I miss that?...

Anyway, yes my dear, there are a lot of people that let's just say don't think through the details which is probably why you ended up with a hearing impaired child in your class.

Oh the positive side -- I'm glad you're hours are exploding! That's good news -- especially with the holidays here!

Rant away anytime -- you know we're here!


Jamie said...

Cute snow people, but...have to admit, not ready for snow yet!!! It's supposed to snow here tomorrow!

My sister is deaf, so yes, I can sign too!! Another thing in common? I can relate, though, deaf people are forgotten all the time! Don't get me on a rant....

God bless, Happy Thanksgiving!