13 November 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday!

1. I'd like to start out with a Happy 18th Birthday to my nephew (and godson), John. I am so proud of the man he is becoming. He is Senior Class President, a great student and a faithful Catholic who was confirmed earlier this year. Last summer, he spent 3 weeks working with the poor in the Dominican Republic. He is also an AWESOME football player. His team will play in the 4th round of playoffs tomorrow, and if they win, they will go to State. This past week, he scored 3 touchdowns, and was chosen Athlete of the week. Can you tell I am proud of him?

2. Speaking of my nephew, we are slated to go to his game tomorrow night. My mother-in-law is supposed to watch Michael and Alex. We may have to rethink this. I have been teasing that Alex cries when Mama isn't there. Well, it has gotten pretty bad. Last night, I taught for 3 hours, and she screamed almost the entire time. I told Andy that I would stay home, but he wants me to go even though she'll cry (he'd stay home). It is supposed to be cold and rainy, otherwise, I'd put her in the carrier and take her with me. I haven't seen John play this season, but I am very conflicted.

3. Hours have increased at work. I am still not being scheduled, but if I tell them I am available, I get added the day before. This really is a great thing, and I am very thankful, but I am kind of wiped out after this week.

4. I've been kind of light on blogging lately. I just don't know what to write about. When I started this blog (before I had made bloggy friends), I wrote. I wrote about education, my faith, politics. Now, I feel like I just don't do that anymore. I'll come up with an idea and then decide not to write about it. Guess it's a blogging funk.

5. Very thankful for all of my wonderful friends, IRL and the blogosphere. So happy that I have a wonderful group of women around me and we can support each other and pray for each other. I just think it's kind of awesome.

6. I am hoping to do some baking this weekend. I just feel like I am coming up on the short end of everything lately. As I write this, I am looking at 3 loads of laundry that I need to fold. Seems like I have to get more scheduled once again. *sigh*

7. Finally, a picture to share. Alexandra turned 2 months this week, and we are so thrilled to have her in our family!

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Karen McQ. said...

Oh my word, Alexandra gets cuter every week! I just love seeing her pictures.

I remember those crazy days when my kids were little. There just weren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. And the never-ending laundry, ugh! I'm always amazed when I read your blog and hear all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Therese, she looks so cute in that blue outfit. ♥