24 November 2009

Advent Activity

My first grader, Drew, brought home an Advent activity. He has a page with the 4 Advent candles, each divided into 7 sections. For each day that he completes the task for that week, he gets to color in a section.

Here are the tasks:
Week 1-Pick up clothes and keep room in order (this will be hard for him).
Week 2-Do what he is told the first time he is told to do it.
Week 3-He will not argue or pout when he doesn't get his way.
Week 4-Be helpful around the house without asking.

I have decided to copy it for the other 2 boys to participate. I am thinking that it is going to be a great Advent!


Dawn Farias said...

That sounds great!

Sarah - Kala said...

I have a difficult problem with number 2 myself. I wish him the best of luck with it! (cheek, I know!)

Sarah - Kala said...

Oh, and thanks for the new blog background hook-up. I was looking for something New for Christmas Season. ;)

Nancy said...

I love your new look!!
That sounds like an excellent activity! Keep me posted on how it's working!

Aussie Therese said...

This is great. I am going to do something like this with Tom, Amelia and Christopher too.

Thanks for the idea.

Kim H. said...

This, my friend, is a wonderful Advent idea. And yes, getting the others to join in is a great idea. Hmmmm.....