08 September 2009

Thursday is the day!

I saw my OB today, and I will be reporting to the hospital at 6 AM Thursday for my induction. I know there were questions in my earlier post about why I am being induced, and I answered in the comments, but I will try to do it here. Please be kind in commenting-I am very hormonal right now! ;)

I have been induced twice before, so I do know what I am getting into. Peter's was for medical necessity (I had pre-eclampsia), and Drew was full-term and huge! I have to say that on a personal level, I do prefer induction as both were very positive experiences. That being said, I wouldn't just do it on a whim either.

I am GBS positive, and require antibiotics before giving birth for the safety of the baby. I went very quickly with Michael, and almost did not get the antibiotics in time. That alone is reason enough for me.

On a personal level, I have a really hard time trusting doctors. My OB knows this about me. He came in on his day off to deliver Michael so that I would not have to deal with a doctor I did not know. He told me today, that even though he was off, he watched the intakes all weekend because he was prepared to come in to deliver me if necessary (he really is a great guy!). This is his last day on overnight call before my due date next week, and he feels very comfortable with inducing me. As he says, conditions need to be "favorable" for him to induce, and they are.

So, on Thursday, I will be induced. I am really getting excited, and nervous at the same time (mainly about going from 3 to 4 kids!). Please pray for my family and I as we enter this new stage in our lives. The hospital has wifi, so some of you will be getting email from me, and there should be a post here Friday morning! God Bless you all, and thank you for the prayers!


Kim H. said...

OH MY GAWSHHHHHHH!!!!! So, so exciting!!! I can't believe she'll be here in just a matter of days.

Funny, my SIL also just tested positive with the Group B Strep, so she called me and was asking questions and I was like "I have no idea!" -- I should send her your way. You can probably answer all her questions!

May be the two of you will have the babies on the SAME DAY! I hadn't thought of that until just now! :)

Don't worry, you'll do great and know we'll be praying you up all day from all corners of the blogosphere!

Love ya and rub le bebe for me!

Sarah - Kala said...

many prayers!

I'm so excited for you!!

Shannon said...

Yay! How exciting... we're all looking forward to meeting your new arrival!

And I'm with ya on being induced. I was induced both times with my girls. Had to be for the first one. Then when I got pregnant again, at the very first appointment with my midwife, the first thing I asked was "when can we schedule my induction for this one?"

Holli said...

Congratulations!! You will do wonderful and whether you are being induced or not is totally your business, not anyone else's!! :)

gramma2many said...

You have my phone number. I will be waiting!!
Love you and many prayers for you and everyone.

Anne said...

I will be praying for you Theresa! How exciting to know that it won't be long before you are holding that sweet little one in your arms!

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you and praying!

Amy said...

Seems like you JUST told us you were pregnant! Good luck and best wishes for a happy healthy baby girl!

Dawn Farias said...

You must be a mother of four by now. Good luck!! And congratulations (hopefully)

Karen McQ. said...

What an exciting time. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Andy and the big brothers on Thursday morning!

Clenloco1422 said...

Oh congratulations! Its almost time to have that pretty little baby enter the world! Im so happy for you guys! Good luck! I hope the delivery is easy! Love you!