28 September 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

Well, all good things must come to an end. Andy went back to work today which means it is now time to figure out my new normal with Alexandra and Michael. I have been kind of thrown back into things as I have a busier than normal schedule today and tomorrow.

We started out with Peter having to serve at 7:30 AM Mass. Andy took him and went to Mass before heading into work. Because of Peter's early start, I had to drive Drew to school this morning. I made myself a list of things that had to get done today so I could try to keep track of things. We had lunch duty up at school at 11, and things were fine until the last 20 minutes when baby girl got hungry. Luckily, I do lunch duty with some great mothers who took over for me so I could feed her. I am trying to rest a bit now while Alex does before we go up to school for soccer practice.

Tomorrow, I have check-ups for Alex and Michael as well as Michael's gymnastics class (Any guesses on how much Alex weighs now? She has the start of a very cute double chin!). I am really worn out right now. I am sure that as soon as Andy gets home the baby and I are going to lay down. Trying to pace myself and not get overwhelmed...


Meghan said...

Wow, very busy! Same way over here today! I am going to guess Alex weighs 7 pounds.

Kim H. said...

Okay, wait you're blogging...not resting!!!

I've been thinking of you so much and have hoped it's going okay. This is where you're really going to feel it -- when you start all the extra running.

I'm so proud of you -- she looks so healthy and big and I can't believe time is flying by.

And btw, do people all the time tell you how beautiful she is -- cause really, she's such a pretty baby! :)

Nancy said...

Can I babysit to give you a break????

Frizzy said...

I wish I could babysit to give you a break. How fun would that be!

Gramma 2 Many said...

We could fight over her:)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Therese,
Sounds like you are soooo busy - when do you find the time to blog? lol

Dawn Farias said...

Gosh, that IS busy. Good luck with everything.