07 September 2009

Re-post: Labor Day Meme

I participated in this meme last year on Labor Day, and with my next babe coming soon, I though I would post it! Happy Labor Day, everyone! (and no, I am not in labor!) ;)

1. How long were your labors?
Peter-12 hours
Drew-8 hours
Michael-4 hours

With Peter and Drew, I was induced, so I have no idea how long an actual labor would have been.

2. How did you know you were in labor?

Again, with Peter and Drew, I was induced. With Michael, I was nervous because I had not gone into labor on my own. All I wanted was to get my oldest through his first 2 days of Kindergarten. About 30 minutes after picking Peter up on that second day (the Friday before labor day), my water broke.

3. Where did you deliver?


4. Drugs?

YES! YES! AND YES! Although, I almost didn't get my epidural with Michael because he came so quickly.

5. C-section?

No, although I was about 30 seconds away from one with Drew. He was big, and his arm was stuck. Michael was breech until about 3 days before he was born. Thankfully, he turned.

6. Who delivered you?My OB, Michael Lasser. He is a fabulous doctor, and even came in on his day off to deliver Michael. I hope that he delivers any other children we are blessed with.

That's the whole meme. If you play along, please tell me. I would love to read it.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Can't play along, it is to far in my past to dredge up such memories!
Just say labors were all relatively short and no drugs except with my first one.
Big babies, 9-3, 7 something, 9-6, 7 something and 9-9. Decided to stop before I topped 10 pounds.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Oops I forgot there was another 7 something in there. Three over 9 pounds and three under 8 pounds.

Sarah - Kala said...

Okay - real quick:
Oldest - induction at 42 weeks; went south so had a c-section to get his butt outta my guts; I can't remember the doctor (I do remember he had a car w/ plates that read: IDELIVR).

Middle - induction at 41 weeks; went south so had a c-section; didn't know for certain she was a she until outta my guts; don't recall the doctor, but it was at the Naval Hospital used in the Civil War.

Youngest - planned/scheduled c-section a week early (or be delivered on due date that landed him due on Thanksgiving Day); don't recall the doctor.

I have a bad memory about that kind of thing - doctor's names. I was just too pleased to go home and be with my family!