03 September 2009

38 weeks!

I have now made it to 38 weeks. I am tired and uncomfortable, so this baby can come any time! I was at 1 cm at my appointment on Tuesday. Not very reassuring as I have literally walked around at 3 for weeks in prior pregnancies. The doctor said that baby is around 7 pounds at this point.

I have also made it through all that I wanted to accomplish. The older boys have started school, and Michael's birthday was yesterday. All I have to say is anytime now! Although, at this point, I am guessing that I will be induced next Thursday as planned.


Sarah - Kala said...

Did you ever say why you were having an induction? I cant' recall if you did. So, why? I had to be induced with my older two - but they would not touch me until I went over 40 weeks. My oldest was in the belly 42 weeks, my daughter was 41 weeks. Finally, my youngest, 'cos of the two c-sections, I got to schedule him . . . a week early. He was due on Thanksgiving Day and to give the doc's a break (yeah, right!) I said, "let's go a week early". HE was 9lbs7ounces! His brother was bigger (9/14). Still. I got turkey and trimmings on Thanksgiving instead of surgery. :)

Hang in there. She has to come out some time!

Kim H. said...

It's just a matter of days (don't think weeks!) Keep hanging in there. You're doing great and just keep thinking of her sweet face when you're bummed. It's all part of the process. In HIS time.

Hugs honey!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Sweetie, I am with Sarah on this induction thing. Is it a medical decision, or a decision of convenience? God knows when she is ready, do not be to eager to rush things. Any invasive procedure comes with risk. Be prayerful in you decision to go through with an induction.
Love you and waiting anxiously for my new bloggy granddaughter:)

Aussie Therese said...

prayers as the date approaches.

Marilena said...

God bless you! And your new baby!:)
Next Thursday has many Catholic Saints for feast days, here is a list:

September 10

* Bl. Agnes Takea
* Bl. Agnes Tsao-Kouy
* Bl. Angelus Orsucci
* Bl. Anthony Kiun
* Bl. Anthony of Korea
* Bl. Anthony Sanga
* Bl. Anthony Vom
* St. Apollinaris Franco
* St. Autbert
* Bl. Bartholomew Shikiemon
* St. Barypsabas
* St. Veranus
* Bl. Thecla Nangashi
* St. Theodard
* Bl. Thomas of the Holy Rosary
* Bl. Thomas Sherwood
* St. Salvius of Albi
* Bl. Sebastian Kimura
* St. Candida the Younger
* St. Cosmas
* Bl. Damien Yamiki
* Bl. Dominic Nakano
* St. Dominic Shamada
* St. Finian
* St. Francis de Morales
* St. Frithestan
* St. Gundislavus Fusai, Blessed
* St. Hyacinth Orfanel, Blessed
* Bl. John Kingoku
* Bl. John of Korea
* St. Joseph of St. Hyacinth
* St. Leo Satsuma
* Bl. Louis Kawara
* Bl. Lucy de Freitas
* Bl. Richard of St. Ann
* St. Nemesian, Felix, and Companions
* Bl. Mary Tokuan & Mary Choun
* Bl. Mary Tanaura
* Bl. Mary Tokuan & Mary Choun
* St. Menodora
* Bl. Michael Shumpo
* Bl. Michael Yamiki
* Bl. Paul Tanaka
* Bl. Peter Nangashi
* Bl. Peter of Avila
* Bl. Peter Sampo
* Bl. Peter Sanga
* St. Peter Martinez
* St. Achilleus

Therese said...

To address the induction question, it is part physical (big babies, GBS positive which means antibiotics mandatory before i deliver; coupled with a very quick delivery last time)...My first 2 were successful inductions.

The other part of this is not a matter of convenience, but a matter of peace for me. I do not trust doctors easily, and the thought of delivering with someone I don't know scares me. My OB wouldn't do it if condition were not "favorable" as he calls it, so I am feeling very much at peace with this decision.

Melissa said...

Prayers to you for a safe delivery.
Exciting times ahead!!


Gramma 2 Many said...

I need to talk to you personally, would you go to my daughter Karyn's blog and get her e-mail account and send her an e-mail so she can give you my phone number to call me? I have also asked Frizzy to contact you and give you my phone number so you may get it from her.
Waiting to hear from you.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Do not try to e-mail me personally. Go read my blog.