01 September 2009

September 1

Here are pictures of the boys as I dropped them off this morning for their first day!
Peter was all ready for whatever 4th grade will hold!

This is Drew and his buddy, Alex. They are so excited to be in first grade!
On other fronts, I went to the OB this morning. I am at 1 cm (WOO-HOO). He said he'd see me in a week. I have a feeling I will make it to my induction on the 10th!
Thanks for all of the kind words last night/today. I am still a bit bummed about the job, but am choosing to focus on the kids, the impending arrival of the baby andthe fact that God knows what is best.


Corinne said...

The 8th is a really good day - the Blessed Mother and I share a birthday then!!

Kim H. said...

I 2nd Corrinne -- I'm voting for the 8th! :) Hang in there.

And is there anything cuter than first day faces -- especially firsts grade faces with missing teeth!?! :)

Hugs to y'all!

Sarah - Kala said...

Jeremiah 29:11, honey.
God knows what you need.


Anonymous said...

Glad everything is coming along well. Cute pictures!

Shawna said...

I'm at 1 cm too . . .I think we're both having stubborn kids!

Great first day of school pictures!

So sorry about the job, but maybe that means better things are in store for you down the road!

Aussie Therese said...

The 8th would be a great day to have your baby. I cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
Praise God that He knows your needs!

Looking forward to meeting your new baby!!!

Anne said...

Oh how I love the first day of school!

Marilena said...

those are great photos! just to let you know, im doing the saint request for 2010. if you want a patron saint drop by the garden and put in your request. im doing it earlier this year as there were a great deal of requests last year.