15 December 2008

Marie Antoinette Award!

I received this award from Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop. Thanks for thinking of me!

The rules for this award are to display the icon and send it on to 7 other bloggers I feel are real in who they are.

I pass this award onto

Sydney at Diapers and Deadlines
Hope at Reflections of Hope
Evy at Yes, They are All Mine
Sue at Susie's Homemade
+JMJ+ at Totus Tuus Family
Kim at It's a Dog and Pony Show
Nancy at Be Not Afraid

Thank you ladies for keeping it real!


Susie said...

Well that's pretty cool!! Thanks Therese:-) And thanks for making the effort. It means alot to me:-0

Kim H. said...

I'd like to thank the Academy...

And all my faithful blogging buddies who share the love each and every post and for always helping ME keep it real when I start to question this journey of motherhood.


+JMJ+ said...


Being true to who we are is very counter-cultural, the mainstream is certainly critical of Catholicism and homeschooling. Thanks for counting me among the brave...I hope to be brave and your support is kind. Back attcha!

Nancy said...


Thank you! I never would have guessed that I would meet such wonderful people when I started blogging. I have been so blessed to meet you! Thank you for your friendship!