07 December 2008

A busy St. Nicholas' Day! Part One

We always go to hunt our tree on the second weekend of Advent. Yes, I said hunt! We go to a tree farm, traipse through the trees, pick one and cut it down. Well, Andy cuts it down. Here is the recap of our day.

Michael fell asleep on our way to the tree farm.
This picture was too cute not to post!

This was the part of the trip where I said, "Honey, these pre-cut trees look nice."
You see, I spent most of my life with artificial. My parents switched to real for a few years when I was
an adult. It was always bought at a tree lot.
Then I got the lecture about how we were creating memories for the boys.
Point taken. I should stop at this point and say that it was 18 degrees. It was windy with blowing snow.
The windchill was probably down near zero.
I don't own snowpants-don't need to add puffiness that to my frame.
I. was. cold.

Peter stopped to talk to the snowman.

This was on our way to the cold, cold tree farm.
It was still sheltered. No blowing snow-yet.
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Therese said...

looking forward to part two. It does look cold.

Amy said...

Ok. Shorts and t-shirts in one picture. Bundled top to bottom in others. Explain the shorts please.