07 December 2008

A busy St. Nicholas' Day! Part Two

So, we started our trek to the trees. There were sledding hills along the way!

Dad and the boys before the tree was cut.

The official cutting!

Later in the day, we went to a party with St. Nicholas at our parish.
The boys had a lot of fun, and even got a chocolate coin!
After the party, we went to 5 o'clock Mass.
The only downer to the evening was that I fell going down the steps to our
Church basement. Boy, am I glad we didn't have to get up early this morning-
I am sore. I'm fine, but I fell down about 5 steps, so I kind of ache all over.

After Mass, we took the boys out for pizza, and went driving looking at
Christmas decorations.
There is a neighborhood in town that decorates specifically
to raise money for childhood cancer.
We had a great day!


Therese said...

I didn't have to wait too long for part two. Great photos.

Kim H. said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry you fell. This time of year I'm always so nervous with wet floors. Today I was walking in to Mass and almost wiped out carrying Molly. Take it slow and easy and don't overdue it this week. Feel better soon.

momto5minnies said...

WOW, look at all that snow. Looks like you had a fun day!