15 December 2008

10 Favorite Living Catholics

Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop tagged me for the following meme...

I would like to make this a meme, as I'm eager to learn what the rest of you are thinking. The rules are to select ten of the most fascinating (living) Catholics for 2008. Then, tag at least five people for the meme.

Here's my list:

1. Pope Benedict XVI
2. Mother Angelica
3. Archbishop Timothy Dolan
4. My sister
5. Scott Hahn
6. Fr. Frank Pavone
7. Fr. Corapi
8. Therese
9. +JMJ+
10. Cassie

The bloggers on the list are Catholic women who have really been an inspiration to me! Thank you for making me want to be a better Catholic and a better Catholic mother!

I am tagging whomever wants to join in! Please let me know you're participating-I would love to read your list!


Susie said...

I think that you would be on the top of my list:-)

+JMJ+ said...

Just seeing this now....wow! Sooo nice of you Therese and I agree with Susie that you are an inspiring Catholic woman!