31 August 2008

GNO, Part 2

After dinner we went to Barnes and Noble. Clare and Meghan had some silliness in them!

One last picture of the girls. The all-elusive Maggie is in the back row. She is my birthday twin, and we will celebrate on September 16 (she'll be 15). Ladies, I had a great time with all of you! We'll have to do it again soon!
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Clare said...

i dont cALL that silliness....i call it meghan annoying me!

meghan said...

I was not!! we were so just joking around!

Maggie said...

im just not even gonna comment. . .but even though we didnt go to the movie.. I HAD A BLAST WITH YOU!!!
"He's writing down a phone number"
"He is definetly not. .(turn to maggie laughing)"

Shannon said...

Sounds like GNO was a success! :)

Kelly said...

Looks like the fun continues via the comment section :)