01 September 2008

In honor of labor day-wanna play?

In honor of Labor Day, there is a meme going around about, well, labor. I read it on Far Beyond Pearls, and decided to give it a go. If you have a chance, check out Jennie's blog-she is the mother of 6 with number 7 due in January, and one of my new favorite reads.

Now, the meme. And when you're done, go post a Mr. Linky over at Rocks in My Dryer, who apparently started the whole thing. :-)

1. How long were your labors?

Peter-12 hours
Drew-8 hours
Michael-4 hours

With Peter and Drew, I was induced, so I have no idea how long an actual labor would have been.

2. How did you know you were in labor?

Again, with Peter and Drew, I was induced. With Michael, I was nervous because I had not gone into labor on my own. All I wanted was to get my oldest through his first 2 days of Kindergarten. About 30 minutes after picking Peter up on that second day (the Friday before labor day), my water broke.

3. Where did you deliver?


4. Drugs?

YES! YES! AND YES! Although, I almost didn't get my epidural with Michael because he came so quickly.

5. C-section?

No, although I was about 30 seconds away from one with Drew. He was big, and his arm was stuck.

Michael was breech until about 3 days before he was born. Thankfully, he turned.

6. Who delivered you?

My OB, Michael Lasser. He is a fabulous doctor, and even came in on his day off to deliver Michael. I hope that he delivers any other children we are blessed with.

That's the whole meme. If you play along, please tell me. I would love to read it.


Jennie C. said...

Nice to meet you, Therese!

Shannon said...

I've left you an award @ my blog... stop by sometime and get it! :)

mrsbear said...

Aw, that sounds like a fun meme, sorry I missed it. 4 hours, that's an ideal delivery right there. My shortest was probably about 5 from the time I arrived at the hospital. Although I did go have Mexican food before I was admitted even though my contractions were about ten minutes apart. lol. My longest labor was 24 with my youngest, that's a long time to wait without a meal, lemme tell you. ;-)