07 April 2009


I thought I'd post a quick pregnancy update. I will be 17 weeks on Thursday! Hard to believe we are almost at the half way point!

My ultrasound is on April 27th. I think we are going to find out what we are having, however, I say that with a grin on my face. What you may not know is that when I was pregnant with Michael, they told us we were having a girl by both the ultrasound tech and the OB at the ultrasound center. I remember my OB telling me he didn't believe the results, so we'd have to wait and see. For 5 months, I called Michael by a girl's name, bought, de-tagged and washed lots of pink, and waited for my girl. I should have listened to my OB. When he said, "It's a boy!" Andy and I stared at each other in disbelief. So, while we say we will find out, if they say girl, I may not believe it (or I might because what are the chances they'd be wrong twice, right?).

I am feeling OK, not great, but OK. This time around has been VERY different. Normally, I am feeling good by week 12. I am feeling OK, but every few days I am thrown back into morning sickness. I still have to take Zofran a couple of times a week (Herd Momma, before you say twins again, my ultrasound at 8 weeks confirmed 1 baby). I am not complaining...it is manageable, just different.

We are still battling names...No boy's name has surfaced yet, and the girl's name we have had for a long time is back up for discussion (I want something else!)...glad we have time on this one!

I am definitely showing. So far I have heard, "You're growing!", "Wow, you're big!", and my personal favorite, "You're looking puffy!" Trying not to think about that last one!

Nancy asked me to post a belly pic-I try not to take those, but maybe you'll get a glimpse at Easter!

Holy Week Blessings, Everyone!


Sarah (JOT) said...

Puffy? Did you give that one a puffy lip? Just kidding. Well, I'm glad you are at least doing okay. Hang in there! Many prayers!!

Amy said...

Oh I hope you will let us know what they say it is. Even if their wrong :)

Frizzy said...

Such exciting times! I would love to know the Dr's "guess" on the sex of your sweetie pie! Keep us posted.

Kim H. said...

I say don't find out -- I know, who am I -- but I LOVE SURPRISES! Or may be if you do find out just don't post it on your blog so I can be surprised. I know you'll do that just for ME! :)

Either way boy or girl, I just say, happy, healthy baby and Mommy! :)

And yes, Easter pictures please -- I love Easter pictures, except mine, but that's another story.


Clenloco1422 said...

oh yes i remember michael's suprise! Hope you can decide on names with ease! Feel better!

Herd Momma said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. And no more Twin guessing. I just love sharing the joy of multiples. But, you know.....baby 2 could have been hiding behind baby 1?!? Hey, if they missed a penis twice what's to say they didn't miss a baby! Ok. enough. sorry.
Now my comment on the puffy. ::pst:: When I was about 5 1/2 months pregnant with number 2 my Dad said "I can tell your pregnant your face is filling out." I have yet to let him live that down. "You don't tell a pregnant woman she has a fat face!"
Love ya' You glowing beauty! And I promise no more twin guessing.

Shannon said...

With my oldest... they were sure she was a girl. I went along with it, but still had my doubts.

When she came out... my 1st question was, "It is a girl, right?"

Gramma 2 Many said...

Say your puffieness, I am glad you are feeling better to some degree.
Of course my needles are itching to know what color they are going to be working on, but I have always been of the opinion that if God wanted you to know, he would have put a window in your tummy.

Anonymous said...

That was kinda of funny that we though Michael was a girl, in a way it was and in a way it wasn't...