06 April 2009


In general, I don't like Mondays, but I really don;t like the way this one is starting off. Both Drew and Michael are down with really bad colds and coughs. We kept Drew home today, and he is laying like a slug on the couch with absolutely no energy! Michael is faring a bit better, but boy, what a way to start Holy Week! I am hoping this is quick so we can see my family for Easter!

Besides trying to have a good Holy Week, I feel like I have a lot on my plate. Hours are down where I teach, but I have a side job scoring essays. Please pray that I make it through training. The scoring is different from the SAT scoring that I have done since 2005, and I am struggling to find my groove. I have to pass a test by tomorrow to be allowed to score, so I need to find that groove fast!

I hope everyone has a meaningful Holy Week! I will be praying for each of you!


Kim H. said...

Aw honey, I hear you. Thank goodness we're on spring break this week -- although I still have to keep reminding my kids it is HOLY WEEK too -- not just all about socializing and playdates.

And Molly's been running a fever since Friday -- not sure what it's all about, but I've had sleepless nights the last couple, just cause she's congested and uncomfortable.

And you will do GREAT on your test. I'll be praying for you!


Frizzy said...

Thank you for your prayers. You'll be in ours as well during this week and test. YOU CAN DO IT!

Brandie said...

Mondays are the worst. I hope your day gets much better!

Marilena said...

im not a big fan of monday's either. i don't like them because my husband goes back and grinds away at another work week. sigh..

Lisha said...

I hope your Monday turned out to be beter. Just keep your spririts up. And I understand the differences with the scoring :) It stinks!! Hope tomorrow is a brighter day. This cold then warm weather is a cause for sickness...mentally and physically!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, praying for you too!