27 April 2009


I have to say that things went absolutely great today! Thanks for all of your prayers. I am always nervous until we get in and they start to take a look at things.

Baby is healthy! All measurements were perfect. Although, this stubborn baby wouldn't turn, and I have to have a repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks so they can get the last of the measurements. (Darn, I have to see this sweet baby again!).
So, now onto the discussion of gender. We do have an answer, but some of you (KIM) did not want to know...Here is what I am going to do...I am going to post immediately after this one, and title it "It's a..." If you don't want to know (KIM), then don't read it. OK? You have been warned!


Anonymous said...

Glad that everything went so well today and that the baby is nice and healthy!

Kim H. said...

Except if you miss a post and come in late -- you already know it's a GIRL!!!!! See, that's what happens when I get caught up in my own little world. Serves me right!

But I am happy and excited and delighted and Lord knows you'll be getting lots of pink and flowers and bows and ribbon and all that yummy foofy girl stuff. YAY!!!

Love and prayers --