24 April 2009

Easter Cakes

I finally have uploaded the pictures from my camera! I had to make 2 cakes for Easter. My niece, Lauren asked for a bunny cake at my in-laws, so I had to oblige:

This is a yellow cake with butter cream frosting. The whiskers are pull and peel licorice and the bow tie is made of jelly beans.

For my family's celebration, I made our annual lamb cake.
It is a 7-up pound cake (my Mom's recipe, well, I guess it was my Grandma's
recipe first) with butter cream covered in coconut.
This year's had an addition-edible grass that I found at
Joann's. It was supposed to taste like green apple, but well, it wasn't that flavorful.


Kim H. said...

Okay, you are amazing!!! So talented! I should dig out photos of the basket cake Leo made one year -- it was quite the undertaking and he rocked it -- and that was the ONLY Easter cake we ever made.

Your lamby cake reminded me of my childhood. Most years my Mom made a lamb cake -- she has a cast iron lamb mold -- that's how long it's been in the family. I borrowed it once and couldn't get it to happen. She made it again this year -- but the cake didn't fill the mold, so she made half a lamby cake. :)

Friday HUGS! (How did it get to be Friday already?????)

Anonymous said...

You are so good at cake decorating!!! Teach me now, haha!!!!

Amy said...

I tried to do one of those bunny cakes once. It did not come out nearly as well as yours! Great job!