20 April 2009

Q & A with Aussie Therese and Kim

First, Kim's Question:
What's your favorite restaurant and are you a get the same item every time kinda gal?

This question is really hard for me. It depends on the mood. And, truth be told, we don't eat out a whole lot lately. We did take the kids out last night to end Spring Break, so I'll focus on that one.

We went to Pizzeria Uno last night for dinner. I do like the food there, but it actually was more of where Andy wanted to go last night. I used to ALWAYS get spinoccoli pizza there (It has spinach and broccoli), but have since changed my tune. The thing I love about Uno's is that I get to order my own pizza and I don't have to share it. This is an important point because if we order pizza as a family, I NEVER get veggies on it, and I love me a sausage, onion and mushroom pizza! So last night I had a pizza with sausage, mushroom, onion and green pepper on it. YUM! It is my new favorite, and I will order it again if we go. (Yes, Kim, I do tend to order the same thing at a restaurant that we frequent).

Now onto Aussie Therese's Questions:

What is your favourite movie of all time?

I don't know that I could pick out a favorite. There are certain movies that evoke certain emotions in me. For example, I love to watch, Meet me in St. Louis! because I watched it so many times with my nieces growing up. They would tell you that they love to watch Anastasia with me (even as adults) for the same reason. Another favorite for me is Say Anything just because Andy and I used to watch it over and over when we were dating/newly married, and we love when we come across it late at night now. I also love Ferris Bueller's Day Off because it makes me think of high school and those friends. I am a HUGE fan of both the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies as well. I suppose I could go on and on about this one....

Do you have a number of children that you would like to have?

The short answer to this is, of course, as many as God will give us. When I was young, I used to think 5 was the perfect number because that was the number of kids in my family. When Andy and I were dating, I used to tell him 4-5, and he would say 2-3 (He has only one sister). Obviously, Andy changed his mind on 2-3!

Seriously, we are very blessed to have 4 because I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome meaning that often I do not ovulate, so all of our children (the 4 here and 2 in heaven) are miracles to us. That being said, I will be 39 in September, so I know my child-bearing years are numbered.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Good question, Therese, and another hard one, but I think I would have to say the New Year's Eve that we got snowed in at my Uncle Tony's house. I have many aunts and uncles, but Uncle Tony has always been one of my favorites particularly because of how Italian he is. My Italian heritage is very important to me, and that holiday with the good food and family was a favorite!

Do you have any hobbies?

I do have many hobbies, but few that I have time for. I know how to do counted cross-stitch, but haven't done it in about 8 years. Last year, I learned how to crochet, and still do, but am addicted to loom knitting right now. In fact, I am in the process of looming quite a few baby gifts right now which I will share when they are done. I also dabble in cake decorating, and hope to take another class this summer. We also have our annual Christmas ornament (which we have already begun for this year-it is going to be COOL! I still would like to learn how to sew, but that may take a while.

Again, thanks for the questions. I am saving Evy and Amy's for last because they will take a bit!


Nancy said...

Ok Therese...this is getting scary! My favorite pizza is sausage, mushroom and onion! How is that possible????
Secondly...I also have (had) an Uncle Tony. Although I will agree that if you're Italian...chances are that you'll have an Uncle Tony.
You already know that Say Anything is one of my all time favs too!
I love learning more about you!

Anonymous said...

Nice answers! It was fun reading them!

Lisha said...

Your outlook on life is beautiful. :)

Gramma 2 Many said...

So you do not think you will have another Dugger family?
I always wanted six and was very comfortable stopping once I had them.

Brandie said...

I loved reading this! Your answers are so fun!

Kim H. said...

I so enjoyed this -- lots of great questions (of course, I wasn't meaning mine... :)

And I love Pizzaria Uno -- I'm a boring girl -- I get the cheese and tomato -- and what is it with the allure of getting your own pizza? I think that might be the best part -- not having to share with anyone or getting exactly what you want. :)