16 June 2009


I feel like we are still getting into summer mode around here. The boys finished school last Friday, and we have been running ever since.

If I didn't have 3 months to go, I would have sworn I was nesting on Saturday. I did a TON of laundry, including all of the girly baby clothes we have. God is so good-we had packed away all of the pink we had bought the last time I was pregnant when we thought Michael was a girl, and we couldn't find it-until Saturday. Once again, St. Anthony did not let me down! So, for once in about 6 months ALL of the laundry was caught up in a single day!

I also decided that the house needed a good cleaning. Things that have been neglected like pulling out the microwave and cleaning behind it. Not sure what got into me, but wow, I got a lot done. As a result, by Saturday night, my feet were hugely swollen and I was tired. We rented Bolt, and watched it with the boys. I have to say it was really cute, but I fell asleep somewhere in the middle.

Sunday, we ran out to see my in-laws. We did Father's Day early with my father-in-law because of our impending trip to the water park next Sunday. Also, my mother-in-law is having hip replacement on the 25th. There is a lot to be done before her surgery to get her house ready. They have a 2 story house, so we need to set up a bed on the main floor and install a shower head on their tub. I am going out to their house again tomorrow (about an hour away) to go with my mother-in-law to her joint replacement class. I still haven't found a babysitter for tomorrow, so I am not sure what I am doing with the 3 boys-yet.

Sunday was a hugely busy day, and an emotional one too. My mother-in-law needed to fill out her power of attorney and living will paperwork, and that was just hard. We are not intending for anything to go wrong, but wow, it sure brought back memories of my parents when they were ill. No surprise that I was exhausted by the time we got home.

Yesterday, we made the trek out to the crocs outlet to get new crocs for the boys. The outlet used to be a true bargain. Now, not so much. At least crocs seem to last forever with the boys.

Today, I am off to the OB for my usual appointment. I have my second glucose test (a requirement for women with PCOS-please pray that this one comes back normal like the first), and I am hoping he will remove a lovely skin tag that I have developed under my eye. Oh, the joys of pregnancy! I actually meant for him to do it last month, but, well, we got to chatting, and I forgot about it! I am a little nervous about all of the swelling I am having because the last time I was like this was with Peter, and I ended up with preeclampsia and on bed rest. Not sure what I'd do if that happened.

Sorry for the novel, I guess I had a lot to write!

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Tracy said...

I enjoyed reading your "novel" err post:)