19 June 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The first signs of summer for us-STRAWBERRIES! We have a ton of plants that run along the side of the house an the garage. We have raspberries there too. Andy doesn't spray them with anything, so the boys can just pick them and eat them. It is rare that these make it in the house. Once we get into schedule of swimming outside every day, the boys really raid the plants!

We had some HUGE storms last night. We actually had about 3.25 inches in a couple of hours. Thankfully none of the boys woke up except for Peter because we moved him downstairs from his room (his bed is right next to some windows). We are supposed to have more storms today-I need to run out to the Catholic bookstore before they start. Wish me luck-I will have all 3 boys in tow!
We had an amazing thing happen today, and it is related to the rain. One of my munchkins had lost his Nintendo DS. Andy found it in the grass this morning. The cover has been baked by the sun, and it received over 3 inches of rain. It still works!!! I am so glad because replacing is just not in the budget right now!
Happy to add that as of tonight, Andy is on vacation for a week! I am sure we will have lots of pictures to share!


Kim H. said...

Okay, strawberries from the yard -- delish!!! And I have them (well I should say "had" them) at my last house and they were all throughout the perennial beds -- they just made me happy cause they were so stinkin' cute.

Glad the DS worked -- isn't that amazing. We found our neighbor's grandson's a couple summers ago and we think it had been outside during several rains for about a week. We dried it out and low and behold, it worked. But I hear ya on the "it isn't in the budget" thing -- we tell our kids that all the time...NO replacements if you break it or lose it! (I know, we're just mean like that!!!)

bringing up boys said...

After 30+ days without rain, the Pacific North West is raining today. My gardens appreciate it. I have strawberries growing, Yesterday I invited all my 6&7 year old friends to come into the garden for yard snacks (thier words). After the strawberries are gone, the yard snacks ar gone since I didn't get the veggies planted this year. Great blog, followed from yestheyareallmine-mom.

Jamie said...

Strawberries wouldn't last here, too many deer and rabbits!

Now, I wonder why the Nintendo was in the grass? Did you find out why? Good thing you found it though! Although, might have been a good lesson for whoever put/left it in the grass!

Have a good weekend!

Dawn said...

Nothing better than summer strawberries!

bringing up boys said...

Hi again, Wow, you give the personal touch! thank you so much for the e-mail. I am Evys #1 daughter. You probably already know #3,4,&5 from blog world. You look so familiar, I think it is because we were meant to be friends! Happy blogging