18 June 2009

Comedy of Errors

Yesterday was a "Comedy of Errors" kind of day. I was gone most of the day, with my mother-in-law at her joint replacement class. Let's start with when I arrived at the hospital. I had to drive an hour away. I walked in, and asked where the "Joint class" was. I got a funny look when I said that, and realized that I forgot to say replacement.

The class was fine. I think it alleviated a lot of my mother-in-law's fears over the surgery. Afterward, she and I enjoyed a lovely lunch and then I drove home. My babysitter called while I was driving to let me know that Michael had knocked over a lamp. She is very conscientious and felt really badly that it had happened. No big deal.

The lamp is fine, but the bulb broke. One of those lovely almost government mandated CFL light bulbs. Yes, you know the ones, they have mercury in them. My in-laws had broken one last week, so we knew exactly the clean-up procedure. When I got home, I checked for more shards of glass and patted them up with a wad of duct tape. The lamp went outside until Andy could remove the bulb. I didn't want to attempt it because I feared coming in contact with the mercury-I'm klutzy like that.

After clean-up, I needed to start making my niece's birthday cake. Anne turned 21 yesterday and her parents were out of town. Her sisters were taking her out to dinner, and then coming over for cake. Anne loves fruit, so I decided to make my mom's pound cake and then have it with strawberries and whipped cream-YUM! Well, yum, until I realized that I was out of eggs. It was late in the day, so I called Andy to pick up a cake.

In the meantime, I started making dinner-pasta and meatballs. I had everything ready, and Andy called to say he was coming home. I reminded him about the cake, but I never said the word cake. I said something like, "Don't forget you have to pick up something." He showed up 45 minutes later (I'm thinking-what's taking so long?) with DINNER (and no cake). He forgot about the cake, and when I said pick up something he thought I meant dinner, even though I had told him I made meatballs earlier! So we ate what he bought, and I fridged the pasta and meatballs for tonight (It's OK, I always think that meatballs tasted better the 2nd day).

Andy did go out and pick up the cake. He had them write Ann on it...she spells it with an e on the end. Luckily, I had red icing and the tips to fix it! In the end, Anne was so pleased that we had done this for her, and it was great to see her and 2 of her sisters!

Today, I am planning on just doing laundry...I really hope for a smoother day!


Jamie said...

Wow, what a day mom had...kind of like the "Hop on Pop" book, huh, only it's mom instead of pop.

(still have those Dr Seuss books on my mind, can't you tell?) What a wonderful hubby you have, and how easy for today for supper to be already done!

Sarah said...

Busy day, yeah? I should send you those HI hershey kisses. I would if it were "winter" here so they'd arrive not melted into raunchy looking pile. Yeah? Okay, my hearts in doing that for you!
So, I'd do a load of white wash but the lone washer on this floor is kaput. I'll have to keep checking for when it's available again . . . beat the others on this floor to it if I can . . . Geesh! Time to go sign our lease on the hi-rise. I'm excited!!!!