31 March 2008

A New Challenge

In the interest of saving money, I have been evaluating the way I do my grocery shopping. In the past few months, I have been increasingly frustrated by the rise in prices of essentials. I decided that this month would begin my quest to find better prices on the things we use in our house.

So, yesterday, I sat down with the newspaper, my coupons, and began my list. I know that one of my sister's rules of thumb is to buy things only on sale and plan your menu around these items. I also have decided that I may need to go to more than one store to achieve my goal. Armed with this resolve, I planned what I needed to do.

I created three lists: Target, Walgreen's, and Pick n Save. I know you are thinking, "Walgreen's?" Well, they have actually started a program where when you buy certain items, you get a coupon worth a dollar month towards your next purchase. I started with Walgreen's today, and I spent $60, but I had $31 in savings/coupons. Then I went to Target. I spent $45, and saved $20. I still need to do the Pick n Save portion, but I have already saved roughly $50 in purchases.

I have also found some great websites to help in my quest of saving money with the grocery areas. They are www.moneysavingmom.com , www.mommysavers.com , and www.tammysrecipes.com . These sites have a lot of good ideas and links to my other new-found passion-FREEBIES!!! There are lots of free samples to be had out there! I'll keep you updated to how the savings are going, but the challenge is on (and I am having fun doing it)!!!


Sydney said...

Good luck with the couponing. I try to organize my coupons BEFORE I go to the stores. I actually pull out the ones I might need, and keep them in a separate envelope in my purse so I remember to use them.

Be careful of some of those online freebie sites. Many will either spam you like there's no tomorrow, or it's some sort of scam. I know you're savvy, just wanted to warn you.

Therese said...

Syd-that's why I have an email just for signing up for freebies!!!

Sydney said...

You're so smart!