04 March 2008

The end of an era...

It was announced this morning. Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Farve is retiring. This news truly saddens me. Every time I hear a report on the radio, my eyes tear up. Brett has been our quarter back for 17 years. He led the team to the Super Bowl after decades of losing seasons. He has 3 MVPs (I still say he should have won it this year!), and countless records. I think what saddens me most is the loss for my boys.

My son, Peter, caught the football bug this year. Our family is big into football. My Dad played and had a college scholarship to Ripon (he didn't go, but he did have that accomplishment). My brothers played at Marquette High. Andy played in high school, and our nephew, Peter, played for TCU, scoring the championship winning field goal in 2005. Football is in our blood, and so it was natural, that my son, Peter get in on the fun.

At the end of last season, I remember Andy saying to Peter, "Look at that player. That's Brett Farve. He is one of the BEST players that you will ever see." Now he's done, and I am sad. I think part of the way I am feeling is just the feeling of loss of some of the world's greats. I know that Brett's not dying, but he will be out of our field of vision. I really feel like the youth of today have fewer and fewer role models to look at.

I felt this way when Pope John Paul II died. He was MY pope (I love and respect Benedict XVI, but he doesn't have the way with the people that JP II did). I grew up with him, and he was a role model for many of the youth, including myself. When I was in college, studying in Rome, I was fortunate enough to have him lay hands on me and bless me! Now he's gone, and I miss him.

I also felt this way when my Dad died. I mourn for my loss, but I also mourn for the loss my sons will experience. Dad was a great man, and it saddens me that my boys will never know him, except through what we tell them.

I just want my sons to have some examples of good strong men. That is what Brett represents to me. He's not perfect, but he is an example of a good, strong man. I know there will be other quarterbacks, but Brett, you will be missed!

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