04 February 2010

Women of Christ 2010

I have been trying to write about the conference I attended on Saturday, and am having the hardest time a) finding a block of time to write and b) having a coherent thought. I am teaching right now, and so far, I have students slowly filtering in. We'll see how much I get done while I am here.

I have to start out by saying that I had no plans to attend the conference. It was the second year that Women of Christ was being held in our Archdiocese. It wasn't that I wasn't interested, but life has been crazy (and still is), and I didn't think I could give up the day, particularly one when everyone was home. My dear friend, Lisa, emailed me around Christmas and basically told me that I needed this. She could see me spiralling more clearly than I could and knew I needed this day. I gave in-and I was glad I did!

The day had some really awesome speakers, including Vicki Thorn, the founder of Project Rachel. The theme for the day was the dignity of women (like the encyclical), but it was so much more. There was much talk about how as women we really need to be the voice for the unborn. One particularly poignant talk was given by Yvonne Florczak-Seeman who, herself, had 5 abortions before realizing the horror of what she had done. Her talk made us laugh and cry. It was truly an amazing day!

We also had the opportunity for Confession, Adoration, and we closed with a beautiful Mass. It was a fabulous day, and just what I needed!

Also, at one point, I hear this voice behind me, "Therese, do you feel like you are being stalked?" I turned around only to find it was my blogging friend, Anne. We knew we were from the same area but had never met. The day before, Anne told me she'd be looking for me. I thought we would never meet up because there were over 2,000 women there! Yet, there she was! I hope to meet up with her again soon!

So, I have to say thank you to Lisa, for knowing what I needed-can't wait for next year! Thank you all for all of your prayers! During the Eucharistic Procession and Mass, I prayed for each of you and your intentions! Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. You need the "me" time as well. :)

Have a great weekend,

Herd Momma said...

I am so so glad you went. How exciting. If I had been Anne I would have been stalking you too. I would have been rubber necking the whole time making sure I found you. I'm so glad you two met. Others don't understand but we do. This blog community we have is very precious and very blessed.