21 February 2010

First Sunday of Lent

Well, I have made it through the first 4 days of Lent. You know what? I miss you all! This fast during the week from blogging is going to be good for me, but I do miss my blogging friends.

The week went fast! Andy was gone all day yesterday at a conference, leaving me with the kids, but it was good. The boys had swim, and we had the first Lenten challenge for them (I had a babysitter for Alex). Normally they play their DS's while one of them is in class (the 3 have classes back to back, and it is 2 hours from start to finish). Yesterday, I told them to grab a book. They looked at me incredulously. They couldn't believe I was making them stick to what they had given up.

It went really well. Peter read for almost 2 hours straight-something I have always struggled to get him to do. He almost finished the book he was reading. He also proceeded to tell me the plot-which was good because it showed me he had truly been reading.

Drew didn't feel like reading, but he didn't become impatient while waiting. While Drew was in class, Michael climbed into my lap and let me read to him (a rare treat because Andy usually does the bedtime reading because I am teaching).

While Peter was in class, I wondered what I would do with the two younger boys. We walked the halls at the high school. I could smell food (power lifting was going on in the building), so we walked over to concessions where the boys shared a bag of popcorn. I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in ages-her daughter was doing power lifting! All in all it was a good time and the boys didn't complain a bit about the lack of DS's!

Today, we had family time. My in-laws stopped in for a bit, and my sister was here a good chuck of the afternoon while Andy set up her new laptop. Speaking of my sister-she is going back to work tomorrow after her leave from her open heart surgery! After her being ill for so long, it is so good to have my sister back with all of her energy and joy for life! Thank you all once again for all of the prayers for her while she recovered!

With that, I bid adieu until next Sunday! I miss you all, but know this is the right decision for me for Lent. I am working on a couple of books I will be reviewing for Catholic Company and Tiber River, and it is good to be able to read them during this time of preparation. God Bless!


Nancy said...

Therese...I miss you too! I'm glad that Lent has gotten off to a good start at your house. We had good intentions...but Olivia's surgery has put a bump in the road.
I'm so glad for your sister! I hope she starts to feel "normal" again soon and that her health will get better and better!
Give that baby and those boys a kiss from Florida! I can't wait for next Sunday!
P.S......are you taking emails during the week?

Gramma 2 Many said...

missun you too:(
So glad your sis is doing better. I hope she does not over do it going back to work. She does not have to resume full scale does she?

Laura O said...

Therese ~ I pray that your are able to grow in your faith during this Lent while you fast from blogging. I'd love for my boys to give up video games, but figure I can't force that upon them. However, I am enforcing the 'earn the game time' rule more consistently compared to the past few months.

Gardenia said...

what a difficult sacrifice you are making. when you said you made it through the first four days, I had to chuickle, because that's the way it is for me, too . . . one day at a time through this desert.

Sarah - Kala said...

Good job, Therese! Keep it up!

I think once a week blogging is good exercise.

Have blessed week!!!

Kim H. said...

Gosh, I've given up blogging and haven't really even tried. Right now I feel like it would be a sacrifice to get myself back in to it! :)

Know I'm praying along side of you.


Footprints Diary said...

Missing you, Therese. :D

Have a wonderful week,