28 December 2009

Up in the Air

This was the movie was saw last night. "Up in the Air" with George Clooney. In the end, Andy and I wished we hadn't seen it. It is getting such rave reviews, but we left thinking how depressing! Someone just remarked on FB that he loved it-possibly because of his HR background. I don't understand how people could leave feeling good about it.

Clooney plays a man who lives literally on a plane. He has a small apartment to call home, but he has spent 352 days of the past year on the road. His job is to go to companies and fire people. In the midst of this movie, he works with a 23 year old (Natalie)who challenges him on his lifestyle of having no real connections. He also meets Alex, a woman who has the same kind of career and seems to be the one who will change him.

In the end, Natalie leaves the company after one of the women they fire kills herself. This woman told them she would jump off a bridge and she did. Natalie leaves the company, and Clooney lies and says he doesn't remember the woman. He decides he wants to change and goes to find Alex and share his life with her. When he arrives at her door, he finds that she is married with children. Alex later calls him berating him that he almost ruined her real life, and that he is only a parenthesis. Clooney's character returns to his solitary life on the road, end of movie.

We were so disappointed. More disappointing is that people are giving rave reviews to an immoral lifestyle. Skip this one if you can!


Christy said...

ugh thanks for the warning!

Jamie said...

When this comes in video, we'll have to skip it! (we rarely go out to movies)

I thought it might be a dud, because it said from the makers of "Juno", another disappointing one!

Sarah - Kala said...

I thought Juno was alright, actually, but it was depressing . . . I hated that the adoptive family broke up. Not worth watching again. Once was enough. Thanks for the heads up. We'll be skipping this one.

Gramma 2 Many said...

The first red flag for me is Clooney. I have no desire to support him with my hard earned money. He hates every conservative on earth and works hard for the liberal agenda.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Therese,
We don't watch many movies, unless we are sure that they are Christian, as what goes into your mind is hard, if not impossible, to remove.

We have just ordered:

One Night With The King;
The Voyage that Shook the World (Creation Ministries);
Life of Jesus;
End of the Spear + Beyond the Gates of Splendor Pack;

from Condios, and in Australia it is FREE postage.

I love places like Condios because they keep great movies, and we can watch them at home as a family. :D

Have a great week,

Thou Art Jules said...

Thanks for the warning! Sadly it sounds like it had potential

Kim H. said...

Leo was talking about it since I guess they filed in Hiltons.

Thanks for the honest review.

+JMJ+ said...


And you're right, there are sites listing this as the #1 movie!